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Docker for ML on Mac

This is written because I had a struggle installing ML libraries on Apple M1 chip but it can be used for any other CPU and OS. Here you will learn the following: Basic Dokerfile helps you setup your development environment for Machine Learning projects very fast Setup VSCode development environment to run codes on a

Build Bazel on Raspberry Pi

In this post you will learn the followings: What is bazel How to build it on Raspberry PI 3 B+ What is Bazel? The answer to this question is simple! Bazel is a build tool like Make, Maven, etc.! It will build your code like other build tools but from my point of view the

Adding AWS Cognito Sign in and Sign up to Android App

Adding user Sign-in of AWS Cognito to Android app is relatively easy, so this post would be short and easy to follow. Before adding authentication to the project, we should add some prerequisites to our Android project. Basically, there are three prerequisites for each Android app which wants to connect to communicate with AWS. These

Round Trip Time (RTT) with Python

RTT is the length of time it takes for a signal to be sent plus the length of time it takes for an acknowledgment of that signal to be received [1]. In other words, a small packet will be sent to a specific computer and it will send the packet back. The time difference between